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Morphology of Red II

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Morphology of Red II is a collaborative art project organized by Dmitry Sokolenko of St. Petersburg, Russia.  The theme of the project is the Kalevala, the national folk epic poem of Finland.  Mr. Sokolenko created seven artworks based on Kalevala passages involving the color red and distributed them to artists around the world, who each made response pieces and then destroyed Sokolenko’s originals.  Morphology of Red II is on exhibit in St. Petersburg in late June, 2011,  later in Moscow, Berlin, Paris and three cities in Finland.  Inspired by the quick-moving verse of the Kalevala, I decided to superimpose Dmitry’s runes onto ceramic boats.  My fleet has sailed to Russia for the show.

March 2014 Update on the Kalevala boats:  The boats have been on display this month at the State Museum of Urban Sculpture in an exhibit organized by the Finnish consulate and dedicated to works relating to the Kalevala.  I am so pleased that after this the boats will become part of the permanent collection of the Museum!  And many thanks to Dmitry Sokolenko for organizing the gift.

February 2016 Update.  The boats are on display during “Kalevala Day” festivities at the New Exhibition Hall of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture, 3 pm, February 28th.



Simona Eva Schneider (USA)

Jan Neva (Finland)

Yuni Yon (Korea)

Averyanova-Danini (Russia)

Paolo Dell’Elce (Italy)

Peter Constantine (UK)

Polina De Mauny (Russia)

Andeyro/Kanke/Hänninen (Spain-Suomi)

Jito Jito (Japan)

Thomas Schliesser (Germany)

Vivian Pyle (USA)

Olga Tobreluts (Russia)